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* Total investment in your enterprise:
Ⅰ. Improve legal system for foreign investment
1. What is your company's position on implementation of the Foreign Investment Law and the Foreign Investment Law Implementation Regulations?
Ⅱ. Relax access restrictions on foreign investment
2. The Chinese government amended the negative lists for foreign investment's market access many times in recent years, to cancel or relax foreign shares' ratio restrictions in agriculture, mining, manufacturing (including automobiles), and the service sector (such as value-added telecom services, banking, insurance, securities, e-commerce, cinemas, architecture design, and occupational education). Has your company seen more opportunities for investment?
Ⅲ. Boost investment promotion efforts
3. Is your company aware that foreign-owned enterprises are allowed to apply for recognition as a high-tech enterprise?
4. Have you heard about open platforms like pilot free trade zones and national economic and technical development zones?
IV. Deepen investment facilitation reforms
5.Is your enterprise able to access cross-border fund use services such as cross-border use of RMB, payment of project capital income, issuing or borrowing foreign debt, and domestic equity investment with capital fund?
6.Is it convenient for your enterprise to handle foreign staffers' work permits in China?
7. When your enterprise applied for land use approvals, did they employ preferential measures such as combined project planning site selection and pre-examination of land use, combined construction land planning permission and land use approval?
V. Protect rights and interests of foreign investors
8. Has your enterprise enjoyed the same supporting policies as other enterprises this year?
9. Has your company ever encountered situations where local authorities changed the coverage, procedures, or standards of administrative licenses without authorization? Has your company ever encountered situations where administrative agencies and their staff forced your company to transfer technology in a direct or indirect way?
10. Is there enough transition time left when local governments and departments issue administrative normative documents concerning your company?
11. Did your company get any judicial or administrative protection when your intellectual property rights were violated?
12. Does your company have equal participation in China’s standardization work?
13. Does your company participate in government procurement?
VI. Suggestions on policies for promoting foreign investment
14. In which area do you expect to see more supporting policies concerning foreign investment? Any suggestions? (Pick one or more)

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